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Argumbaev, 6/3/23

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# Facts of the case

On 31 October 2019, Akim of Borodulikhin District (East Kazakhstan Oblast) discharged Petitioner Argumbaev B. for acts discrediting civil service.

After three years, Petitioner applied for positions in the civil service. Petitioner maintains that the provisions of the Law on Civil Service (“Law”) prevent him from accessing employment in the civil service.

Subparagraph 6, Paragraph 3, Article 16 of the Law provides as follows:

A citizen cannot be admitted to the civil service: … who, within three years before entering the civil service, was found liable for a disciplinary offense discrediting the civil service. At the same time, a citizen dismissed for a disciplinary offense that discredits the public service cannot be admitted to the public service;

# Question

# Holding

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